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10 Car Maintainance Schedules to Remember

10 Car Maintainance Schedules

A Basic Maintainance Checklist all Car Owners

Get a copy of Super Miler‘s suggested top 10 Car Maintainance schedules and checklist all car owners must know. Download this image now so you always have a copy for your vehicles. Car repairs can be costly so just like in anything, prevention is better than cure. Car Maintainance Schedule Tips

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For more details on the purpose of these 10 Car Repair Tips, see below:

Maintainance to be done Purpose Indication Timeline
Change Oil Car/ Engine will be dirty after some use
To prevent clogs in engine
Prevent harsh Wear and Tear
Dark Oil
Thick Oil / Malapot
There are clumps / buo-buo
Ordinary – every 5k km
Semi Synthetic – every 8k km
Fully Synthetic – every 10k km
Air Filter So filter out the dirt and so it doesn’t go in the engine When it is deformed, soft, sticky Every other change oil, a max of every 20km
Tire Change Tires are your only connection to the road – it is your safety lifeline Do the penny test
Remaining tread of the tire is 3mm or less
Remaining tread of the tire is 3mm or less
Tire is punctured or damaged
After 3-5 years from installation, depending on use
Wheel Alignment To maximize tire life (Since tires are expensive)
For smooth handling of the wheel
For underchassis maintainance
Wheel feels wiggly / “may kabig”
Tire wear is more to the left or right / uneven
Every 6 months OR
if Underchassis / pang-ilalim is touched
Tire Rotation To maximize tire life (since tires are expensive)
To even the wear on the tire
Wear of the tire is not event every 10-15k km or 6 months
Battery Main power of vehicle + electrical system Won’t start immediately
Blinking indicator light, battery indicator light
Low voltage
If you feel the indications. Depends on the type of battery. If diesel, more consumption so better if you purchase higher end batteries
Headlights, Signals, Lights To avoid accidents and penalties Weak / No light When weak / no light
Brake Pads For better braking Brakes are noisy / weak
Physical brake pads appear ‘thin’
Brake light indicator is on
2-3 years of run time
Spark Plugs Ignites the electricity of the engine Engine vibrations, rpm fluctuation Every 40k – 50k km
Coolant To maintain temperature of the car
Prevent wear and tear / rusting in cooling system
If coolant level is depleting / can have a hole
Color of the coolant
Every 50k km to be safe, or every 3-5years

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