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Safety Tips for Driving

Safety Tips for Driving

Safety is something that drivers should keep in mind at all times. After all, when you are operating a motorized vehicle, you have a responsibility to do your part to keep the roadways safe for yourself, other drivers, passengers, and others who may be affected by traffic accidents.

Essential tips for buying a used cars

Here are the essential tips for buying a Used Car that will help you. Each one will help guide you in getting the best deal all while helping you understand what to look out for

1. Check the interior
Check out the interior for signs of recent issues. Do you notice any mildew? Does it smell moudy? These can be signs of a recent leak.

2. Check the exterior
Check for signs of previous damage: repainting, signs of repairs on wheels and mufflers,
and new undercoating can all hint at recently repaired damage.

3. Take a test drive
Making sure that the vehicle drives correctly now will save you from the future hassle
and future expenses if you decide to buy the car.

4. Get the History
Get the history report – it’ll tell you if the car has ever been in an accident, and other
important info!

5. Get an Inspection
Before you say ‘YES!’ make sure the vehicle is seen by a professional.

Types of Engine Oil

Types of Engine Oil
The most essential thing that is used in car service is engine oil. The main function of motor oil is to lubricate your engine. The oil protects the moving parts of your engine by reducing friction, cooling and cleaning the engine, and also preventing corrosion.
Need an oil change now? Get that car of yours checked by our technician.

What to do if your Car’s flooded?

Floods are the most common of all weather-related natural disasters. Here’s what to do about Flooded Cars.
1. Immediately disconnect the negative cable of your car battery to avoid any possible short circuit. This is also to protect the ECU or computer box from damage.

2. Do not start the engine. Try to push the car out to higher ground or try jacking it with the car jack.

3. Disengage and release the parking brake. Keep the transmission in 1st gear (for manual transmission) or “P” (for automatic transmission) to prevent the brake canvas from sticking. This is even more important for cars that use drum brakes.

4. Take plenty of photos both inside and outside the car to document any damage or how deep the car was underwater. This will be useful for both the Insurance and/or Professional Mechanic to determine the extent of the damage.

5. Wait at least 24 hours before you do anything to the vehicle, giving it time to drain, if not completely dry out.

6. If the water got so deep that the dashboard was covered, do not try to start it at all. If any liquid is in the cylinders it will cause damage to the engine. Most of the electronics in the car would have been submerged at this depth, as well.

7. When in doubt, either have your vehicle towed to your trusted service center or call your professional mechanic/electrician for a more thorough inspection and assessment.

8. If you don’t think the water got that high, it’s still best to take a look at the oil dipstick to see if there are any traces of water in the lubrication system. If so, assume the engine is flooded and don’t try to start it.

9. You’re in better shape if the water stayed below the center line of your wheels. Nevertheless, let the interior air out as much as possible
before trying to start it, taking out the floor mats, trunk mat and even the seats. Much of the wiring and some of the computers in today’s cars are located under the carpet and console box, so even if the engine compartment was not inundated, you could still experience faults to secondary systems.

Check your tire pressure

Keeping your tire properly inflated not only helps you stay safe – it provides a range of performance benefits. From prolonging the life of your treads, boosting your fuel economy and improve your handling, having the right amount of air in your tire enables your vehicle to perform at its best. Always set your tires to the pressure specified in your vehicle’s owner manual or tire information placard.

8 Tips for safe driving in rainy weather

Rain happens all the time, and people still have to go places even when it’s wet on the roads. But wet weather driving can be hazardous, causing skids, hydroplaning, and slick roads. It can be tough to keep control of your vehicle when roadways are wet, but these tips can help you stay safer.

1. Maintain a good distance.
2. Have perfect working wipers since you entirely depend on them
for road visibility.
3. Tires must be in good shape with enough tread depth, and
properly aligned to aviod skidding.
4. Slippery road surface effectively increases the breaking distance.
Have well-functioning brakes.
5. Keep fuel tank full.
6. Watch your speed limit, drive slower in the rain;
the roads are very slick when wet.
7. Turn on your headlights when driving in the
8. Don’t risk going thru deep flooded roads.

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Car care guidelines during lockdown.

Make sure to stay healthy and keep your car healthy too. These 4 car care tips can help ensure your vehicle stays running.
🚗 Battery – Maintain battery life by running the engine once a week for every 10 to 15 minutes to avoid battery discharge.
🚗 Tires – Keep the tires inflated. Move your car once a week to avoid flat spots on tires.
🚗 Handbrake – Disengage the handbrake when you leave car parked for a long period.
🚗 Car Protection – Park your car indoor or use a car cover.

Causes of Tire Bubble?

An air bubble in your tire means that its inner lining has ruptured and air has leaked out. Most of the time, the bubbles result from impact damage.

The weak spot in the tire can inflate as the tire is pinched between the wheel and the road or a curb.

Air leakage can also be caused by driving over bad roads and other external factors that result in impact damage.

Determining tire size

Installing the right tires on your vehicle is important to the overall performance and safety of your vehicle. Your tire choice should reflect the conditions you drive and your vehicle response and handling preferences. You should understand what tire size is right for your vehicle to be able to make the right choice when it’s time to buy tires.

If you decide to substitute a new size or tire type, consult an authorized tire retailer who can expertly advise you because many optional tire sizes may have different load capacities and require wheels of a different rim width or diameter and different inflation pressure.

High Ampere Hours

  • Specially designed to hold a charge longer.
  • Improved alloy composition for increased resistance to grid passivation.
  • Superior tensile strength and high temperature creep resistance for better endurance and long life.
  • 18-month warranty

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